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My coaching clients tend to be interesting, intelligent and creative individuals,  yet they still struggle to plan, prioritize, control emotional reactions, activate, organize, regulate attention, complete projects, manage time and remember details – even when highly successful or motivated. I work with all ages with or without an ADHD diagnosis who are motivated and ready for change. 

We will work on alternative approaches to better manage ADHD symptoms, tools for medication management (if appropriate) and strategies for dealing with common ADHD-related problems, like poor sleep habits, time management and organization. 

One To One Coaching - Individual Coaching for Adults, College, Young Adults (18+)

Individual Coaching can help you understand what your needs are and how to meet them. You will gain tools to be more organized, productive, and successful. 

· Virtual coaching sessions at least once weekly (other options available)

· Between session Text/Call accountability, check-ins, and support

· Performance measure assessment

· Implementing new strategies 

· Transforming overwhelming into do-able

· Habit building and strengthening

· Areas of wellness that may be neglected including self-care, work, education, nutrition, and relational/communicative status

· Program plan specifically tailored for you

· Support from someone who understands you

· Incremental steps each week to achieve your goals 

Two to One Coaching - Couples 

Does your ADHD cause tension between you and your partner? 

Do you feel like you and your teen just aren’t hearing each other? 

Are you finally understanding your ADHD brain but your parents just can’t seem to understand? 

2:1 Coaching is a great way to get you and the person you care about on the same page and working together to solve problems and form deeper connections. 

Coaching for Parents 

Parents who have ADHD, or parents of children who have ADHD, but don't have it themselves, face unique challenges. For the parent who has ADHD, being relied upon to provide structure and consistency can feel like a demoralizing uphill battle. Being the parent of a child (or the spouse of) of an ADHDer when you don't have it yourself can also be enormously difficult. Coaching can be a great way to reduce the overwhelming struggle and chaos. Together, we'll explore how ADHD is impacting your family life, and most importantly, your life.

· ADHD education

· Parenting strategies

· Building structure

· Easing conflict

· Identifying strengths

· Improving their level of executive function

· Self-care, and/or other areas of neglect

· Academic performance

· Socialization

· Finding compassion through the growth of understanding

· Creating a plan specifically tailored to the relationship you have with your child/teenager/young adult

· Simultaneous coaching with your child available, if requested

Online Groups

I offer two groups currently. One focused on education and one adult group coaching. If you're interested in forming a particular group for coaching please reach out so we can discuss! 

Consulting For Businesses

Do you operate a business and employ individuals with ADHD? 

Do you value your ADHD employees but become frustrated with the amount of extra support they need? 

Do you want your ADHD employees to be more organized, productive, and successful? 

ADHD Consulting can help you better support and communicate with your ADHD employees so that they can contribute more in the business setting.

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