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Group coaching can be a great way to get the benefits of ADHD coaching at a reduced rate. 

Group coaching is ideal for those looking for a community that understands and supports them, people who want accountability and to share ideas, and those who want to test out coaching to see if it's right for them. It's our most affordable option, great for someone new to coaching, and offers acceptance, affordability, less pressure, and accountability.

During each session you'll have a chance to share your wins, feelings, and ideas, requests, and updates with the group. This format ensures that all attendees will have a chance to participate in the meeting.

Thursday 4pm EST Small Group Coaching

What: 6 sessions of Small Group Coaching

When: Thursday May 25th at 4 pm EST, 3 pm CST, 2 pm PST and then following: 

Where: Online with Zoom

How Many: 8 people per group 

How Much: Total cost is $190, which breaks down to $32 a class

Please make sure you've had a free introduction call before you sign up for this group. You can book that using the link in the menu at the top of the page. 

Future groups are being planned for these time frames:

Saturday 9 am EST

Tuesday 10 am EST 

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