Why Coaching

If you have ADHD, you struggles with symptoms like hyperactivity, impulsivity and or inattention. They may be getting in the way of your success.

You may have already internalized the belief that you can't reach your goals because you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

You may have already internalized shame and self-loathing due to your unmanaged ADHD.

We think, or others tell us until we believe them, that if we only ‘tried harder’ we could accomplish whatever task is eluding our efforts, whether it is to keep an orderly home or neatly organized desk, pay bills on time, do better in school, remember to pick up the dry-cleaning, earn a promotion at work, finish the book we are writing or be punctual.

We blame ourselves for our impotence, our failure to successfully self-motivate or, when we do begin a task, our inconsistent ability to sustain and complete our efforts. 

We are disappointed when we achieve less than our goals, despite our potential.

We wonder why simple things are often the most difficult. We get confused, because sometimes we can do great things with little effort (usually when it’s something we really enjoy, so that our brain is more cooperative).


Time to change that thinking! 

You have a different brain. Not worse, just different and I want to show you how you can harness your inner strengths to reach and exceed your goals.

People with ADHD respond differently because the neural networks in their brain communicate less effectively. ADHD affects time awareness, memory, and emotions — so that planning actions over time takes a lot of work! Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety get in the way of progress.

While ADHD medications help by boosting the neurotransmitters that communicate within the brain, ADHD coaching is cognitive support that builds awareness and skills to advocate for yourself.

As an ADHD Coach, I work with you for a new understanding of your experience. Using your values and what is important to you, coaching focuses your attention on the outcome you want, increasing your effectiveness, agency, and well-being. 

Why am I so passionate about this?

I have had my struggles, and I am proof that you can live your successful ADHD life. I understand how your ADHD works, and I can help you to reach your goals. 

You will get real value with each session; accountability, focus, support, empowerment, and the answers to the questions you are looking for; all presented to you clearly and practically.

Partnering with the right Coach can help you transform how you do your job, organize your time, improve your personal relationships and enhance so many other areas of life which which contribute to living well and living happy.